My consultancy is overwhelmingly focused on the themes of sales, corporate management and leadership.

From major international concerns to small and medium-sized enterprises, the essential challenges in business tend to be the same.

Saturated markets impede turnover, gross profit and result expansion is sensitive, and it’s often no longer possible to realise the previous year’s figures. On the costs side, meanwhile, businesspeople are confronted with constantly rising costs from all directions, threatening any remaining growth in the result. The generally defensive approach of banks only serves to worsen the whole situation further still.

The fact is, however – and it doesn’t matter what industry you’re in – that there will always be winners, who succeed in significantly increasing their market share, turnover and profitability, even in the face of these tough market conditions. This isn’t because these companies are somehow reinventing the wheel. It’s because they have adjusted to the current market realities. In their business, terms such as ‘competence’, ‘customer proximity’, ‘differentiation’, ‘relationship management’, ‘market knowledge’ and others acquire an entirely new significance and meaning.

I will be happy to give you an understanding of my solution-based approaches and experiences in a free first conversation, and after an initial analysis.