Because people buy products from people they value and like

Target audience:
Traders, salespeople and private individuals to generate the perfect marketing of a product, service or oneself – because you are always the principal character!

“People buy products from people they value and like.”

We all have to deal with the topic of “sales” on a daily basis. No matter whether we have to sell products, services or ourselves as a person – in an interview, for example – the challenge is always the same. The great thing about this is that it has never been so easy to win points with your counterparts in such situations as it is nowadays: in an age when communication often only takes place in digital media, people are yearning like never before for an authentic and respectful human experience. Values such as attentiveness, appreciation, sensitivity and empathy form the basis of your personal sales success. It may sound obvious – but far too often this rationale goes completely unused. The fact is, however – and always will be – that

“Deals are done between people, and people have feelings – so these are what you need to be reaching.”

In my lecture, you will learn straightforward examples taken from practical experience that can be used immediately:

  • How easy it is to make your counterpart interested in you
  • How you can cleverly demand and successfully use communication on an equal footing
  • How you can achieve incredible effect using small gestures
  • How you can transform your sales pitch into an experience
  • How you can navigate your way towards private and professional success with the “3 Virtues”
  • Why it’s worth pursuing – and achieving – goals

The Challenge of Sales – Success is Precision Work

At a time when markets are hardly moving, industries are stagnating and a lack of purchasing power is worsening the situation further still, a strong sales team is more important than ever!

The fact is, however – and it doesn’t matter what industry you’re in – that there will always be winners, who succeed in significantly increasing their market share, turnover and profitability, even in the face of these tough market conditions. This isn’t because these companies are somehow reinventing the wheel. It’s because they are positioning themselves clearly, and have adjusted to the present market realities.

In my above-mentioned lecture, you can find out exactly which parameters are crucial in achieving this, and what effective implementation eventually looks like.

“Winning isn’t everything – it’s the only thing!”

A need for action in business

This talk is aimed at the business situation at the present time. Weakened purchasing power due to the business cycle, and occasionally even weather conditions unusual for the time of year, mean we are forced to continuously rethink the way we act, and demand that we develop understanding and a readiness to instigate change if we are to achieve real and dynamic market cultivation.

Top-level sport and private business: the same challenge?

When it comes to communicating advertising messages, sport is one of the most popular channels used. Sport offers us a great deal more than this, however. Whether we’re actively taking part or spectating, it also creates a huge field of positive energy.

This energy can be harnessed. World championships and Olympic Games are a natural enabler of remarkable team spirit, patriotism and – most importantly of all – self-motivation.

And which of us hasn’t compared ourselves, at one time or another, with the world’s top athletes?

This talk will aim to clearly define the commonalities between the two fields of top-level sport and private business, highlighting 7 success factors along the way:

1. THE WILL TO WIN … including competitive spirit and self-belief.
2. PERSEVERANCE … hard work and consistency.
3. PLANNING … and the importance of preparation and monitoring.
4. TEAM SPIRIT … mere soundbite, or absolute necessity?
5. COURAGE … to take decisions, then take responsibility for them.
6. GROUNDEDNESS … because there’s never a good reason to be arrogant.
7. CREATIVITY … why old habits and ways of doing things can, indeed must, be challenged, and re-evaluated for the better.