The 7 success factors

What do success in business and success in top-level sport have in common? A great deal than you might expect! The 7 success factors cited below are the most important ingredients for those wishing to make it onto the winner’s podium…

Will to win Perserverance Planning Team spirit Courage Grounded approach Creativity

Good is not good when better is expected
Vin Scully

No matter whether they are being applied to top-flight sport, business or daily life, the above-mentioned factors are far and away the most important influencing factors on success. The more intensely these various factors are lived, the greater the success will be.

Over the years, I have been called upon to attend a wide range of different seminars, training sessions, talks and workshops in the course of my own professional training.

Regardless of the different individuals and names involved, the speakers who always fascinated me most at these events were those who communicated ideas to me that I was able to apply successfully there and then, without hesitation.

That’s why – and speaking now as a trainer rather than a trainee, of course – I consider today a hugely exciting and enjoyable opportunity to pass on to you and your team my tools in a format designed to be practically-oriented and uncomplicated. It does not claim to reinvent the wheel – but it does blend the old and the new in an effort to create a newly homogenous and fitting whole.

To ensure everything our trainees have learnt doesn’t just sink in but stays in, we will also be making the themes examined during the training easier for them to experience with the help of real examples. This should make those themes easier to implement and integrate into everyday working life once the session is over.

Training mit Christian Zulehner



Seminar description

A harsh wind is blowing in today’s business environment. On the one hand, flat, sluggish markets are allowing little or no growth, while on the other it is first and foremost global players that are realising market share and growth, more often than not through aggressive pricing. Inadequate profit margins and earnings are the logical consequence in business. Similarly, this pressure is being passed on one to one to supplier-side companies in business, as the majors seek to compensate for those missing margins by imposing extra conditions and “special deals”. As a result, changes in the way the market is cultivated are unavoidable.

You decide which themes are relevant to you.

The following themes are examined in presentations and workshops in an extremely practical, uncomplicated and exciting way. Mark each one with a cross right now to show how relevant the different aspects are to you!



  1. People buy goods from people they value and like
  2. Customer loyalty in the e-commerce era – advising customers, rather than drumming them up
  3. Figures, dates and facts as your compass to success – dealing adequately with business indicators and KPIs
  4. Key account management; what your customers actually need!
  5. Communication in Sales; the do’s and don’ts…
  6. How do I win new customers?
  7. Closing techniques


We work together with you to find solutions tailored to your situation


  1. Motivation, perspectives, orientation
  2. Managing with style
  3. The error culture, and dealing with failure
  4. Payment and remuneration
  5. Difficult conversations; getting bad news across
  6. Dealing with change/change management
  7. International distribution structure – importer/distributor/field staff

Details of the content of the relevant modules will be provided during the opening discussion.


The precise content of training sessions will be defined following the opening discussion. No one group should consist of more than 12 participants. To guarantee the training is as enduring as possible, participants will be guided into the interaction in workshops in a targeted manner, followed by a presentation. In addition to this, I will be more than happy to help trainees in any way I can for the duration of the training. Participants will be able to contact me by Skype, telephone or e-mail (by agreement).

You can use all these tools – some new, some tried-and-tested, all well-informed – to bring a breath of fresh air and even greater success to your company! From time to time, moreover, it can also be a good idea to take a long look at yourself in the “mirror”, and critically examine whether everything is still as it should be, or something is lacking.

Training mit Christian Zulehner


Depending on the themes and module: company management, proprietors, departmental managers, company founders and the entire distribution team – from sales managers to key account managers, field staff and customer service & Salespeople in the retail sector.

Options – types of training

  • Seminar with workshop
  • Individual coaching
  • „Training on the Job“ – on-site training at workplace
  • Talk and keynote speech

Clients‘ Statements

  • I have completed a vast array of different training sessions in the course of my professional career. Never before, however, have I attended a session anything like this practical. As a result, I can translate everything I have learnt translated into action pretty well immediately. Thanks very much for the exciting and highly instructive days.
  • Had I attended your seminar before my business administration degree, then I could probably have saved myself the cost of several of the course semesters! I had no idea before now that dealing with business indicators could be explained in so plausible, uncomplicated and thrilling a way. Now I finally know how numerical data can be used correctly and efficiently.
  • When a person is himself so enthusiastic about working with others, then he cannot help but communicate 100% of that enthusiasm to his seminar participants. Incredible. I’m looking forward to the next module already!
  • Discussing conflict and communicating unpopular measures is always a nightmare for a company boss – certainly for me, at least. Now, though, I know exactly how such situations can be managed and dealt with. It’s a huge relief.
  • Somewhat soberingly, I hadn’t actually realised just how unsettled my team was, and that they didn’t know exactly who was running my company! Thanks to your coaching, though, we’re now heading back in the right direction. And not before time.